We Provide Full Building Maintenance and EOC services.
Let us deal with the hassles of manpower, supplies, equipment, payroll, and benefits for the service personnel. We have the experience and know how to keep your facility running smoothly and well maintained. Our goal is to streamline and simplify the amount of time and effort you need to invest to keep your facility operational. This allows you more time to operate your business.

We offer service packages based on your needs, and approach your needs as a whole picture effort; we can handle complete maintenance and EOC upkeep of your facility.

  • Regular site inspections: reviewing lighting and electrical systems, minor repairs and replacements handled the same day they are identified.
  • Regular review of Plumbing systems: inspections and minor repairs completed.
  • Complete Service contract for mechanical systems: regularly schedule replacement of filters, and annual service and cleaning of HVAC systems.
  • Annual items, such as fire sprinkler, fire alarm certifications, fire extinguishers, etc…
  • Grounds upkeep: regular landscaping and site inspections. Paint and drywall touch ups. General repairs and upkeep.
  • Let us provide you with the staff necessary to keep your site in top shape. We ensure that items such as toilet paper and hand towels are replenished. Floors are swept, mopped,polished, and shined regularly. Regular dusting of doors, windows, shelves, and anywhere dust accumulates.


  • Medical Equipment – inventory control, Supply distribution,Hazardous waste disposal (sharps)
  • Life Safety – Fire Drills, Life Safety inspections/reviews, annual assessments, management plans.
  • Emergency Proceedures – Emergency repsonce plan, Hurricane preparedness plan, Disaster responce plan.
  • Licencing -Ensure each of your sights has occupational licensees, professional licenses required to legally operate your facility.
  • Reporting – Annual Risk Assessment, Annual environment of Care, Quarterly EOC summary, Annual Sight assessment.
  • And much more, all based on your needs and means.

Each Month we create a report of what occurred and where items were repaired and/or replaced, completed schedule of values showing you where expenses are being incurred. Our goal is always to create value and service to our clients.

Sites we currently service

6 sites for Miami Beach Community Health Centers.


  • Stanley C Meyers Building – 710 Alton Rd – 18,000 sq ft multi-care facility.
  • Beverly Press Center – 1221 71st Street – 14,000 sq ft multi-care facility
  • Center for Haitian Studies – 8260 NW 2 Ave – 3500 sq facility
  • North Miami Medical Center – 1100 NE 125th Street – 4300 sq ft facility
  • The Coop – 1179 71st Street – 1200 sq ft Thrift Store
  • Corporate Office – 11645 Biscayne Blvd – 3300 sq ft office space

All satellite locations for the Miami Herald.

2010 NW 150 AVE
Pembroke Pines, FL
Hollywood, FL
4793 NW 157 ST
Hialeah, FL
13251 NE 17 AVE
Miami, FL
Miami, FL
2200 NW 24 AVE
Miami, FL
8820 NW 24 TERR.
Miami, FL
4302 SW 73 AVE
Miami, FL
12309 SW 131 AVE
Miami, FL

We also service Brown Mackie College located on the 6th floor of Miami Herald Building at 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida.



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